The Havoc Client user interface is written in QT C++ and applied with the Dracula theme.

The Interface is split into three parts. The top left of the interface shows a visualization of sessions in table form or node graph. The top right of the interface shows the event viewer which displays the following events: newly connected user/operator, the start of a listener or failed start of the listener with an error message, and newly connected implants. The bottom of the interface displays tabs like interacted session, file explorer, listener table, and other Havoc features.

User Interface


The Havoc Client is easy to start by typing in the following command:

./havoc client

After you type it in you should see the following connection dialog.

Havoc connection dialog

The Name field can be any profile name (like Death Star or Teamserver).

In the fields, Host and Port should contain the teamserver host address/domain and port.

The fields, User and Password should contain the username and password specified in your Yaotl profile.

If you are seeing this following error then it most likely means that you passed the wrong username and or password.

Connection closed

After successfully connecting to the teamserver you should be able to interact with the User interface.

Havoc Connected

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